Quick and Easy Teeth Whitening in Broxbourne

Give yourself a dazzling white smile in just over an hour.

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Expert Teeth Whitening Services

At Broxbourne Dental Care we use an innovative whitening system to get the most out of your smile. From our dental practice in Broxbourne, we’ve been providing all our patients across Hertfordshire and Essex with superior dental whitening services at prices that they can afford. Fast, convenient, long-lasting, and suitable for those with low sensitivity, teeth whitening has proven to be safe and effective, helping you achieve a first-class smile.

The Benefits of Dental Whitening

Overtime lifestyle factors can build up to leave your smile not looking as white and bright as it could be. Ageing, coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and certain types of medication such as tetracycline are just some of these simple everyday things that can affect the whiteness of your teeth. However in just one hour, your smile can be up to eight shades whiter, giving your self-confidence and appearance an immediate and long lasting boost.
Dental treatments

The Easy Steps To Give You A Whiter Smile

At Broxbourne Dental Care our team of fully qualified dentists and support staff will make your whole dental whitening experience a positive one. We use a process which we believe to be the only predictably effective technique with very pleasing results within only several applications.

  1. Impressions are taken of your teeth.
  2. Bleeching trays are made and bleech is applied to the trays.
  3. You wear the trays for about an hour over 7-10 days.
  4. You see the whitening results!

Ready To Make Your Smile Brighter?

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