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Bridge the gap between two healthy teeth with quality tooth bridges from Broxbourne Dental Care.

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Restoring Your Quality Of Life With Tooth Bridges

As the name suggests, a dental bridge “bridges” the gap left in your smile after losing a tooth. When natural teeth are removed, the remaining teeth may shift, rotate or become crooked, making it difficult to chew food properly. With a tooth bridge, a natural-looking artificial tooth replaces a tooth or a section of missing teeth, restoring the natural contour of your teeth and mouth.

Why A Dental Bridge May Be Right For You

There are many advantages to restoring missing teeth with dental bridges:

  • As dental bridges are fixed restorations, they do not require on-going removal for cleaning
  • They provide excellent chewing comfort allowing you to eat without pain
  • They can significantly improve the appearance of your smile
  • They can help to maintain good oral hygiene and health
  • Properly maintained, dental bridges can last a long time

How Does a Tooth Bridge Work?

In a dental bridge treatment, firstly a false tooth is anchored on both sides of your natural teeth or dental implants and is capped with a porcelain crown. This procedure usually takes two appointments to complete. As a tooth bridge is custom-made, bridges are barely noticeable and can look and feel as natural as your existing teeth.

Custom Designed Tooth Bridges

All tooth bridge treatments with Broxbourne Dental Care are tailored just to you. Over the years we have helped many patients across Hertfordshire and Essex with custom-made dental bridges that have not only improved their overall oral health but they’ve also improved their quality of life. See our price list for more information on our dental bridge restorative treatments.

Questions About The Dental Bridge Procedure?

One of our experienced dentists will be able to advise you on whether or not a tooth bridge is suitable for you. Book online using our form, email or call us today on 01992 478578.